We believe youth are not only the future of Nicaragua but also the present. Additionally, they are the future of the church; and this is the reason we are especially passionate about working with youth.

One of our plans in working with these young people is currently in the early implementation stage. We have provided youth leadership training for current church youth leaders as well as training for discovering, developing, and mentoring potential new leaders. The program has helped in furthering the professional development of the work team of the Living Hope Nicaragua ministry. Team members are currently leading English groups and are beginning to lead activities in other community programs. The initial youth leadership training had a duration of approximately one year. Each successive year, new groups have the opportunity for participation. We are providing the trainings through meetings once or twice a month depending on the schedule of the participants. The training is led by Aarón Gómez, our Director in León, Nicaragua. Our plan is to also engage other professional developers, such as psychologists and theologians contracted by the organization.


In our churches in Nicaragua, many youth are very skillful in such areas as dance, drama, singing, playing musical instruments, preaching. We in Living Hope Nicaragua are very interested in further developing and showcasing those talents in the youth. We organize different activities where these young people can share what they do—activities like talent shows, crusades, campaigns, concerts, evangelism house to house, united youth services, and worshiping nights. These activities are conducted mainly in the neighborhoods, so we have the opportunity to evangelize through our talents given by God.

• Youth in León, Nicaragua, love sports. We seek to build on that enthusiasm and use it for evangelizing youth. Our plan is to be able to support soccer and baseball teams with uniforms, trophies, soccer balls and baseballs, bats, gloves and other supplies they need. Beginnings of games and practices offer opportunities to share the good news of Christ with players. We invite them to become part of a church.

• Retreats and camps for youth are a part of our ministry plan. Through our experience and active involvement as a church, we have found that retreats and youth camps provide exceptional results in reaching out to young people for Jesus. Our vision is to develop at least one retreat and one youth camp per year. These retreats and camps are planned for two days, one overnight stay,

• Fun activities such as sports, pool parties, beach parties, movie times, and excursions are activities we are engaging in just for fun. Our desire is to demonstrate to the youth the importance of having fun without including alcohol, drugs or other things that destroy them inside and out.

Since the ministry of Living Hope Nicaragua just launched in January, 2019, the Youth Program is currently in the beginning stage. We want to encourage others, just as we are encouraged, to be part of this important vision and plan for our ministry in León, Nicaragua.

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