We are believers in Jesus Christ and want to serve Him, and we choose serving others as our most meaningful way to serve Him. We embrace Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40

“…Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Jesus has enriched our lives, and now we want to be instrumental in enriching the lives of others through our work in the ministry. We are passionate about helping people in need, especially people who are needing God in their lives, people whose lives can be improved through the social programs we offer.

This ministry is a nonprofit organization that has been created to work alongside churches that are doing God’s work in León, Nicaragua. We want to assist these churches in the work they are doing. We want to fulfill the commission we believe we have been given.

Aarón Gómez
Nicaragua Director of Living Hope Nicaragua
Aarón directs the English Program in León, Nicaragua, and also serves as one of the teachers. He works with any of Levels 1-4. He also serves as Youth Program Coordinator and Youth Leader Trainer. Aarón has been a youth leader in his church for more than ten years and for almost six years worked as Youth Coordinator in another ministry. He has a passion for working with youth and reaching them through the church and through this ministry. He is married to María Mercedes Pérez and has a ten-year-old son, Aaroncito as well as a one-year old son, Eithan.
Patricia Striplin, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Living Hope Nicaragua
Patricia has coordinated and worked with Aarón in developing the Nica ELL instructional materials. She also teaches the Level V English students. These classes are taught through Zoom in the school where Levels 1-4 are taught. Patricia’s education background includes teaching (university and public schools), administration, developing instructional materials, and teacher professional development. She has a passion for serving others, especially those who have a desire to grow and improve their lives. Teaching the Level V students is a highlight in her life.
Oscar Samuel Pérez
Pastor Coordinator of Living Hope Nicaragua
Oscar is pastor of a Baptist Church in León, Nicaragua. He has a university degree in Business Administration and is married to María Teresa. They have celebrated more than 30 years of marriage and have four adult children. He is a passionate pastor and loves reaching out to people for Jesus through his work in the church and in this ministry. In the Living Hope ministry, he collaborates with pastors of other churches and also coordinates the Family Program.
María Mercedes Pérez
Administrative Assistant of Living Hope Nicaragua
María Mercedes is a woman of many talents. She has a university degree in Business Administration and owns her own store, MaryMer, in Leon. She is married to Aarón Gómez; and in the Living Hope ministry, she assists with all aspects of administration. She has a deep love for serving others and uses her creativity and forward thinking to advance the work of Living Hope. And, of course, she’s the mother of Aaroncito and Eithan.
Elí Ramos
English Teacher in the Nica ELL Program
Elí studies at the university in the mornings seeking a degree in Technology. He teaches English in Living Hope Nicaragua in the afternoons. He is excited about serving young people through this ministry and about serving God in his church. He believes that this ministry has changed his life, and he has a strong desire to be a part of changing the lives of other young people. Elí learned and improved his English in the Nica ELL Program and now is able to use his skill to teach others.
Rosa Rojas
English Teacher in the Nica ELL Program
Rosa is currently working on her university degree in English and is fulfilling her goal to become an English teacher. She teaches English in the Living Hope ministry. She also loves serving in her church, where she uses her skills as a Sunday school teacher. She is married and has an eleven-year-old son, Juanrich. She fervently believes her experiences in learning English have changed her life, and she is now teaching English to young people and also sharing the love of Christ with her students.
Evert Meneses
English Teacher in the Nica ELL Program
Evert studies at the university in the mornings seeking a degree in Technology. He teaches English in the afternoons. Evert was among the first graduating group from Living Hope Nicaragua in 2020 and was excited to join the teaching staff in 2021. He has a deep interest in teaching and learning and helping young people to make a better life for themselves. He is an excellent example of putting to use the English skills he acquired in the LHN course of study. He now teaches others and shares with them his excitement about learning.

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