The vision of “Living Hope Nicaragua” is to reach children, youth, and adults empowering them to attain better social, economic, and spiritual lives and in turn reach out to others providing the same empowerment.

The mission of “Living Hope Nicaragua” is to provide a Christ-centered focus for preparing and equipping those involved in the ministry with the necessary tools to achieve social, economic, and spiritual fulfillment recognizing they are
Nicaragua´s future.

-We are followers of Jesus.

-We feel called to share God’s love and his Word.

-We continually work on loving our neighbor and ourselves as Jesus loves us.

-We envision reaching people for Jesus.

We provide English classes. Each trimester, we serve approximately 75-100 students in the five levels we offer. We are proud that teachers of the first four levels are former students who have learned English with us. These teachers receive compensation for their work, a tangible testimony to one of the ways the English program is helping youth. Through the English classes, we provide a powerful tool for youth—knowing English as a second language will enable them to obtain better employment opportunities.

We work with youth. We love working with young people believing they are Nicaragua’s future. We provide Bible studies, youth services, and dance and drama instruction along with opportunities to perform. We engage in evangelism in different neighborhoods using skills like dance and drama, and we use our knowledge of the Bible to reach out to young people for the church.

We provide and encourage sports activities, such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball. We have found this to be a great way to reach out to youth, besides having fun with them in a healthy way. We share the gospel with them; we pray with and for them.

We are in initial stages of planning and providing spiritual retreats, youth conferences, and youth camps, where our main purpose is to reach out to non-believers for the churches. We are also beginning to partner with other service organizations in providing these activities, and the Living Hope team serves in leadership roles in the planning, organizing, and conducting of the activities.

Our desire is to expand these kinds of opportunities to additional churches believing that other churches can also experience hopeful and positive results such as those we have witnessed

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