The Mercy Program is specifically intended to give food to homeless people, to children and adults in poor neighborhoods, to people who work at the “dump,” to people who have lost everything because of alcohol addiction. Through providing food for these individuals, we want to, more importantly, share with them the Word of God, to show them love, to pray for and with them, and to offer them an opportunity to get out from where they are in order to have a better life.


We can share with them how God has changed and enriched our lives and invite them to come to church and experience this change for themselves. As our ministry grows, we would also like to provide clothing and shoes for these people in need of a helping hand. We are praying and believing that through Christ, we will be able to reach out to them in love and bless many lives. In addition, it is our vision to also give food to those incarcerated as well as providing nourishment for them from the Word of God.

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