We strongly believe in the institution of family and see it as the foundation of our society. We believe that by strengthening the family, we are strengthening our society. Our Living Hope Nicaragua vision is to provide support for families, for marriages.

We believe marriage is the heart of the family, and we want to provide support through the pastors of the churches, who will be visiting and engaging with these families on a regular basis. We are strong believers that when the marriage is strong, the total family has a greater chance of being strong. We believe that if the married couple actively participates in church, the whole family is more likely to be a part of church. The hope of our ministry is that young children and youth from a family served by this program will more likely be in church, and we will have the opportunity to serve these young people through other programs appropriate for their ages and needs.

This support for families includes conferencing with the couples, using teachings from the Bible, sharing personal experiences from their own marriages, offering advice for any problems couples are experiencing. As our ministry grows, we will further support the pastors and these families by providing conferences on marriage and offering special assistance from psychologists and family assistants. Our Pastor Coordinator, Pastor Oscar Pérez and his wife María Teresa have a strong marriage of more than 30 years. They currently provide marriage advice in their own church to families seeking assistance, and they coordinate the Family Program of our Living Hope ministry

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