The Nica English Language Learning Program (NICA ELL)

Was created with the purpose of providing youth a powerful tool for opening up additional employment opportunities, which in turn could also mean a better future. The course is designed for young people between 15 and 30 years old; but, of course, others interested in learning English are welcome.


The English program is currently designed in four levels— Levels I, II, III, and IV, but we are continually adding to our curriculum. Each level is generally intended to be completed in approximately three to four months. However, we strongly focus on student success, so the successful completion of a level might take longer. We believe that a student who successfully completes the four levels will have acquired a proficient level of English knowledge. A proof of that is evidenced in the Living Hope teachers, who now teach beginning levels. These teachers are a part of the Level IV class and are commendably able to share their knowledge with the new groups.


• We provide classes in a local church downtown León on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These groups include Levels I, II, and III. An additional Level III group meets on Saturdays in another location.


• Level IV students receive instruction through a North American teacher, Patricia Striplin, from Tallahassee, Florida, in cooperation with Aarón Gómez in León, Nicaragua. This class participates through Skype on Tuesday mornings. This class also receives bilingual Bibles which are utilized during class.

• The Director of the English Program is Aarón Gómez, who in addition to providing instruction in some of the classes, provides training and assistance to the other teachers every week through lesson planning and evaluation meetings. Aarón has taught English for five years and also works with Patricia Striplin in the Level IV group. (Patricia is able to come to Nicaragua periodically enabling her to enhance her personal relationship with the students).


These young people come from churches, from universities, from high schools, many of whom from poor families. Classes offer not only instruction in English but opportunities to share the gospel of Christ with them. Classes are begun with prayer, and learning Bible verses in English is a part of instruction.

The English Program is currently successfully operating. Other programs are in the development stage or are just beginning. We offer opportunities to partner with us as we further build on this beautiful work in León, Nicaragua.


We are adding a new dimension to the programs offered in Living Hope Nicaragua. We are calling this addition Volunteering for Hope. English speakers from different countries who are temporarily staying in Nicaragua will be invited to volunteer with us during their stay. We will begin by having these volunteers work in our English Program. They will come to our classrooms and speak in English with the students telling about their experiences in Nicaragua and/or teaching something in the English classes. These interactions with volunteers will help a lot of our students to practice their English with other fluent English speakers.


Patricia Striplin

English Teacher

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English Teacher

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English Teacher

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English Teacher

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English Teacher

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