Report of Impact (Mercy Program)

It is a pleasure for us again to be sharing some of our work in Nicaragua. It is gratifying to see the fruits of this work, to see how many lives have been blessed and changed greatly through this ministry. We are so grateful that the Lord has provided us with the support we need to continue growing and touching others in need.

Recently, we went back to the streets of Leon to share a home-cooked lunch with some homeless people. We delivered these meals with the help of some students from UNAN University here in Leon, Nicaragua.


These young people were touched by our work and asked to participate in our Mercy Program. Taking health precautions during the pandemic, these students joined our Living Hope Team in preparing the food we would give to the homeless people. Many of the students had never done this kind of work before, but they had the great desire to be part of the change in this country.

We could see how many people are needing support, how their eyes reflect the suffering in their hearts, and also the happiness they feel when they see people caring about them. They don´t have the opportunities we have, and they really  want to be respected and remembered.

Every day we wake up, we have the opportunity to see one more ray of sun shining into our bedrooms. We are blessed to have another breakfast with our families. We can see our families and neighbors enjoying all kinds of activities and having a good time together, but this is not the lifestyle of many people in the world.

Many people don´t have the opportunity to share a meal with close ones. They cannot do the things we are used to doing every day. Their lives are hard, and many of them have lost hope.

If you look around you in the street, you can notice many people struggling, suffering, without a purpose, and many not wanting to continue living. These people need to be supported; they need a candle of hope lighting their paths.

You and I can be those agents of hope. We can share just a little of what we have and bless their lives. There are no excuses! You don´t need to give millions of dollars to change their lives. We can be the ones who turn this world into a place with opportunities for everyone.

The value of helping others!
Mercy Program April 2020

Impact Report April 2020 Mercy Program.

Posted by Living Hope Nicaragua on Monday, April 27, 2020
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