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It’s a pleasure for us to continue updating you about the work of our ministry, Living Hope Nicaragua. It’s also a huge blessing to serve for and with the Nicaraguan people. We really feel encouraged to see what God has prepared for this country and his people.

Even with all the things that are happening in the world right now, we are still strongly committed to continuing our service to the Nicaraguan people. We are continually praying for all those struggling with hardships that profoundly affect  their lives as well as those who are fighting the Coronavirus, which is affecting the whole world.

We want to give a word of encouragement at this time that we should not fear nor be dismayed because the Lord our God is with us. We feel His protecting hand is upon us and guiding us.

Youth Leadership training and English Program

Even amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, we have continued our work, just in a different way. We have been providing classes in our English Program and sessions of the Youth Leadership Training through online learning.

We are following recommended precautions of social distancing. Technology, fortunately, is enabling us to carry on, just not in the preferred way of being together. We are having our sessions through video conferencing, using Zoom and Google Classroom.

We feel really good about continuing our English Program and the Youth Leadership Training. We are growing together in faith and in knowledge. We feel we are being trained by God for a greater purpose.

Mercy Program

Our world is really suffering right now, homeless people especially. As a Christian ministry, we feel God’s call to assist these brothers and sisters in this intense time of great need.

We have been continuing our English Program and our Youth Leadership Program online enabling all of us to stay in our homes.

The Mercy Program, however, cannot be continued online. We are cooking and delivering plates of home-cooked food to those living on the street. We feel blessed to know that each time we go, those we serve have had one good meal that day prepared and delivered with love.

Thank you to all our supporters who continue supporting our programs even amidst this difficult worldwide situation.

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